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CVPST (Continuously Variable Power Split Transmission)
Dry Hybrid V-Belt "Bando Avance"

The Continuously Variable Power Split Transmission (CVPST) is an improvement over the Continuously Variable transmission (CVT) in that only a fraction of the total power flows through the belt-pulley arrangement (variator), thus increasing the power envelope of the engine application. This feature also reduces the power losses associated with power transmission, especially in the low-speed-high-torque mode, while providing continuously variable transmission ratio capability. Thus, as it can be understood, the CVPST accomplishes two important functions. First of all, at low gear ratios, only a fraction of the power flows through the variator. Secondly, the system provides a "stepless" transmission ratio variation. This, combined with appropriate engine throttle control, allows for optimum engine performance and optimum fuel consumption and emissions.
In a hybrid application, an electric motor would drive the countershaft to reduce the power flow through the variator and eliminate emissions spikes normally present during acceleration.

Key Benefits

  • Simple design, use of composite dry pull belt, low weight,
  • Better efficiency, especially at low "CVT ratios" due to power split and [eventually] hybrid application,
  • High conversion range (over 7.0 possible),